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Chef Santiago Rivera


canutillos de queso con anchoa Bar Restaurante La Viña de Donostia

Our pintxo counter

A counter full of our select pintxos, based on first rate ingredients and entirely cooked in our stoves, is one of La Viña’s main hallmarks.

Indeed, Bar Restaurante La Viña was awarded with the prize to the best original pintxo in 1999, for its Cheese and Anchovies Stuffed Canutillo (a cylindrical wafer). Apart from the famous Cheese and Anchovies Stuffed Canutillo, other pintxos such as the scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms, the crispy shrimp with veggies, the potato salad (or Russian salad, as it is called in Spain) or the fried potato omelette are widely recognised in Donostia-San Sebastian.


Restaurant and plates

In our small dining-room we offer a very exclusive menu. Always loyal to our principles, our menu is wholly elaborated in our kitchen, using first rate ingredients only.

The plates served either on the counter or in the restaurant are another outstanding sign of La Viña. Again, our exquisite selection of raw materials and an artisan preparation produce highly special plates. Our acorn-fed Iberian ham, the prawn or spider crab salads, the scrambled egg with sautéed mushrooms and our natural artichokes are some of our most prestigious plates.

Sopa de pescado de nécoras. La viña Donostia San Sebastián


Rape con refrito. Bar restaurante La Viña Donostia San Sebastián


Fish is another speciality in our restaurant, La Viña. The fishing tradition in Donostia-San Sebastian, its port and its innumerable fish markets make up the perfect breeding ground for us to be able to shape our select fish menu. Among La Viña’s specialties visitors can find the oven-cooked angler fish, the Donostiarra style spider crab or the Koxkera style (typical in San Sebastian) hake.



Of course, meat is a speciality in Bar Restaurante La Viña as well. Many of our meat dishes, such as the lamb legs, after Carmen Jimenez’s original recipe (chef Santiago Rivera’s mother), the oxtail in sauce or our tasty ox cutlet (rare or fairly rare) are famous in San Sebastian.

Chuleta de buey. Bar restaurante La Viña Donostia San Sebastián


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Deserts, the Cheese Cream Cake

The Cheese Cream Cake is one of our big specialties. Many people come to our restaurant with the only purpose of tasting it. When the Spanish ABC Newspaper made a ranking of the best cheesecakes in Spain, our cake got the sixth place in the top ten. If you want to savour our Cheese Cream Cake at home or at any special occasion, it is now available upon request.